Calls & Minutes Questions

1. How long are the Minutes valid for?

The Minutes are valid 60 days from the Date of Arrival that you specify at checkout. An additional refill will reset the expiry date of your Minutes.

2. How can I receive calls from the US/Canada? How do I call to the US/Canada or another person in Mexico?

Calling rules to, from and within Mexico can be tricky, here is a simple guide that includes how to call 1-800 numbers from Mexico.

3. How much does it cost to receive a call?

For Telcel customers that bought a Minutes Package through Mexico SIM Card, incoming calls are free and otherwise they are charged 4 pesos per Minute.

Movistar incoming calls are always free.

Iusacell incoming calls are free while you are not outside of your area code region, otherwise they are charged 3 pesos per Minute.