Unlimited Data in 68 countries for only $9.99 per day

Ideal for your multi-country trip in Europe or Asia

Connect up to 5 devices at the same time, from the second you land at your destination

No need for a SIM card for every country you are visiting

Get the fastest speeds available in every country with the best local carriers

WiFi Hotspot


What is the WiFi Hotspot?

The WiFi Hotspot will provide you with a WiFi connection for your phone, tablet, laptop and any other WiFi-enabled device.

How do I configure the WiFi Hotspot?

There is no configuration needed. Just turn ON the Hotspot once you need service and connect your devices to the Hotspot by entering the password that shows on the back of the Hotspot.

Is it truly unlimited usage, what’s the catch?

You can use 500MB for each 24-hour period at 150Mbps, the highest speed available with the carriers. After this, service will be reduced to 256Kbps speed which allows for seamless messaging and emailing but patience would be required for browsing and navigating.

How can I check my usage?

You can easily do so using the Hotspot’s interface.

The WiFi Hotspot can also recharge your devices

You can recharge your phone, camera and other devices using the high-capacity battery of the Hotspot.

How long does the Hotspot battery last?

The battery will give about 15 hours of non-stop usage of the Hotspot.


How do I order the WiFi Hotspot?

You can easily place your order online here.

When do I receive the Hotspot device?

The device will be shipped 4 business days before your departure so you will receive it 2 days before departure.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes as long as the device has not shipped. Once the device is shipped, no refund will be granted.

How do I return the device?

A return label will be provided, we greatly appreciate that our customers return the device 1-2 business days after their return.

What happens if I lose or don’t return the device?

You will be charged a fee of $175 if you fail to return the device.


What should I do if the device does not work?

The device has proven to be very reliable but issues can still happen. We strongly recommend that you first try to reset the device, this usually fixes most problems.

Where can I contact customer service?

We have a 24/7/365 customer service team that can help you. Toll-free phone number and customer support email will be included with the WiFi Hotspot instructions.

Available in the following countries

North America
Canada - USA - Mexico - Panama
South America
Argentina - Brazil - Colombia
EU 15 (Portugal - Spain - France - Italy - Belgium - Luxembourg - Netherlands - Germany - Austria - Greece - Denmark - Sweden - Finland - United Kingdom - Ireland)
Albania - Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Hungary - Iceland - Liechtenstein - Malta - Monaco - Norway - Poland - Romania - Russia - San Marino - Slovakia - Slovenia - Switzerland - Turkey - Ukraine - Vatican City
China - Hong Kong - Taiwan - Japan - South Korea - Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam - Philippines - Indonesia - Sri Lanka - India
Middle East
UAE - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Jordan - Israel
Australia - New Zealand
Morocco - Egypt - Kenya - South Africa - Mauritius