1. How do I activate the prepaid SIM card?

The prepaid SIM cards are shipped activated.  You only need to insert the SIM into your phone upon your arrival in Mexico. Telcel products can be tested in the US before your departure; the Telcel SIM roams on At&t's network.  We activate Telcel Minutes & Data packages one day before your arrival in Mexico, you will be asked for your arrival date and this date can be changed by contacting us. If you bought a Iusacell Data Package, you will need to send a short text message to activate the service (Details are provided in the welcome package). The duration of the Iusacell Packages is 30 days and time starts running when you send the activation SMS. 

2. What does it mean for a phone to be unlocked?

It means that your phone is able to work on more than one network.  Generally, an unlocked phone has been purchased at full price from the retailer (Directly from the Apple Store for example).  Alternatively, a phone can have been unlocked by your service provider or with the use of unlocking software by a third-party.

 3. What SIM does my phone uses?

Click here for a list of popular phones and the SIMs they are using.  Alternatively, you can contact us and we will gladly find this information for you.

 4. What's the advantage of picking an area code?

In Mexico, there are still roaming and long distance charges so it is useful to have a number from the area that you will use your phone from.

With Iusacell SIMs, you can pick any area code in Mexico.  As for Telcel SIMs, they come with a Distrito Federal area code (+55).  The 250 minutes package voids roaming and long distance charges.

You can find a list of the most common area codes in Mexico by clicking here.

 5. How can I receive calls from the US/Canada? How do I call to the US/Canada or another person in Mexico?

Calling rules to, from and within Mexico can be tricky, here is a simple guide that includes how to call 1-800 numbers from Mexico.

 6. How much does it costs to receive a call?

Incoming calls are free.  The Telcel SIMs are activated on a plan that voids roaming on incoming calls within Mexico so it doesn't really matter that they come with a Mexico DF (+55) area code.

 7. How much does it costs to send or receive a text message?

It is free to receive a text message from anywhere in the world.  As for sending, it costs the equivalent of one Minute of Aritime with Telcel for texts send to Mexico and two Minutes of Airtime for SMS sent outside of Mexico.  Iusacell Data Packages come with 60 or 100 SMS.