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Travel Phone

Traveling outside the country is always exciting, but also carries some concerns. There was a time when it was easier disconnect from home and work when going on vacation, simply because the technology was not available to do so. With today’s technology, it is easy to take a vacation or business trip and still stay connected. However, if you’re planning on making international calls, or even local calls on your personal cell phone, things can get tricky and expensive.

Mexico is, perhaps, the most visited country for Americans. It’s the perfect getaway, especially with warm, exotic locations like Cabo and Cancun. Regardless of your destination south of the border, Mexico SIM Card is ready to provide you with the cell phone coverage you need without having to pay horrific international fees and other hidden charges.



At Mexico SIM Card you can purchase a SIM card package that allows you to receive incoming calls and SMS messages. You’ll get a Mexican phone number as well as a voicemail. Our SIM cards are all reusable and refillable should you need more coverage during your stay or on a later trip. You can build your own package of prepaid minutes and data usage for either your phone or tablet. We also offer pay-as-you-go plans so that you don’t have to worry about containing yourself to a set limit of minutes and data or worry about extra usage fees.

Mexico SIM Card also has select phones you can buy with prepaid minutes already available and programed into the phone’s SIM card. You can find or build the perfect plan for you that will allow calls to and from Mexico, the United States, and even Canada. Either way, you can enjoy your trip to Mexico without having to worry about poor cell phone service and crazy international fees and roaming charges. You can check out our packages and products on our website or even on Amazon Prime.